Monday, June 18, 2012

Introducing Myself to Mary Jane

          The scene opens on a party. Two groups of young people stand before a bonfire just starting to die down. I stand within a circle of my coworkers, overhearing a conversation after conversation about work.
            Eventually, the rest of my familiars went inside or left. The majority of my acquaintances started heading to one of their cars in a bout of chaos I had a hard time grasping at the time. What I did understand, however, was that I was not going to allow myself to be left behind completely alone with strangers so I raced after them.
            I found myself in the backseat with two other girls. One I worked with and she borderline annoyed me during that time (Let’s call her Sabrina). The other I met that night, Megan. My womanly intuition and the fact that I’m not blind told me that she had some sort of romantic type thing with the driver (or she wished there was, at least). The actual owner of the car sat in the passenger seat. I have decided to name them Josh and Drake, respectively. Due to the illegal nature of this post and the fact that I haven’t consulted them in any way shape or form, I have changed all their names.
            First, the first stop was to Kum N Go. Walking around the store, I had a feeling that I’ve spent awhile searching for, that feeling of late night hijinks with people that could have pretended to be my friends.
            Then, we drove around random streets while Drake prepared the joint. I remember finding the process very ritualistic. He gutted something that looked like a cigarette dressed like a cigar. Then, he packed it with the marijuana carefully and rolled it up. He licked the edge to seal it all together which is kind of gross now that I’m thinking about it.
            I had said earlier that I didn’t want to participate (I usually have an anti-weed policy for myself) so I was initially skipped as the joint made its rounds. However, as I watched its progression, I found myself wanting it. My earlier shots had mostly worn off and I wanted to smile and laugh and feel included.
            So I asked for some and tried my first hit of weed. My attempt wasn’t very successful. Apparently, smoking requires more than inhaling it. You’re supposed to like swallow it into your lungs. I guess to help me, Drake started shotgunning it. That’s where he put the joint in his mouth and inhaled the smoke to blow into the receiver’s mouth. The rest of the hits were consumed this way.
            The rest of the trip kind of blended together. One really hit home just before we stopped at another convenience store so the boys could pee. My throat felt all scratchy, but I had this general happy feeling that must be what being high is.
           So ends the broad strokes tale of my first experience with illegal drugs (besides alcohol). Other things happened. Somehow I had a minor faux pas after saying "Fuck Jesus". Not the best thing to say in the Bible Belt. I'm unaware of how this incident (or any of the others I plan on putting up here)will fit into my larger life story, but I'm gathering the puzzle pieces here. Even if none of them ever match up, but this will certainly be a journey.

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