Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Inherent Possibility of the Good Christian Boy

I recently decided to take a break from the dating world. It being summer, I wasn’t likely to meet any new prospects anyway and I wanted to continue my detox from my latest endeavors. My mom knows that I have trouble finding prospects in better circumstances (Working 99% of weekends and generally being a recluse will do that) so she asked her coworkers if they could think of anyone to set me up with. Only one came back with her daughter’s ex. The only description my mom and I got was that he was a Good Christian Boy.

            Of course, she was trying to cast him in the best light possible. God knows how she described me to him or my mom to her, for that matter. However unbeknownst to her, I’m a closet agnostic with bad past experiences with Christianity. So I’m probably one of the only people in Arkansas who would react to that with slight trepidation.

            My mom’s aware of both these things and initially we reacted skeptically at her coworker’s suggestion and basically shrugged it off.  Then, I receive word that GCB is actually interested and some Facebook finagling is going to be attempted to bring us into contact.

            I reacted with another dose of the aforementioned trepidation and my usual disbelief when confronted with a boy who might Like me. Then, I kinda warmed up to the idea. I wondered what he was told about me and assured myself that Christian probably wasn’t his defining trait. Plus, I try to be open-minded and give people a chance. (Up to a point, no chance for you, hobo)  

          As I have sat on this blog post refining it, at least a week has gone by since those conversations and I have no new updates. The entire issue has the possibility of fading into the background. Indeed, I had barely thought about it except for the time it took to write this. Sometimes, I don’t know if these flashes in the pan keep me sane or contribute to my madness. Whether they taunt me or provide hope.

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